5 Ways to Be More Charismatic

5 Ways to Be More Charismatic 

There are several types of people that you will find around you. Some people in your life will light up your importance. There are even some characteristics that instantly make other people feel special. Further, you can also find individuals who can boost the atmosphere of a room just by walking in. 

There may hardly be any instances when you define any such person. However, they do have these specialties in them naturally. It is because; they are naturally charismatic in nature. However, the individuals’ natural charisma does not remain with them; the natural appeal quickly loses its impact.

Yet, many people are more incredibly charismatic in nature. Taking away their charisma is merely possible. They continue to remain charismatic as they maintain a good relationship with the people around them. They influence the people in their surroundings in a positive way to make them feel good. 

If you think charisma only comes naturally, you might be wrong. This is because; every individual can become charismatic. Charisma also doesn’t come with your level of skill. Instead, it is about your presentation skills. It is about how you present yourself in front of others. Moreover, charisma is all about what you do. Thus, if you want to be charismatic, here are the ways that will help you.

Five Ways to Become Charismatic in Life 

Listen more; talk less

The individuals who are chatterbox will never be charismatic. If you want to grow more charismatic in your life, then staying less talkative is the most extensive meditation that you need to do. It would be best if you speak only when it is necessary. Your words should always depict meaning than being meaningless. Thus, if you are fond of talking necessary, then this might be a quality that you will have to give up. 

A charismatic person only opens up their mouth to spread positivity with their words. Thus, it would be great if you always practice not talking much. Being a good listener is one of the vital characteristics of a charismatic person. As you know, charismatic people always make people around them feel special by listening to them. Thus, while listening to your near ones, you should always make eye contact. You can also communicate with your eyes. 

Further, listening is a quality that depicts you as a caring individual. If you are listening to others, it shows that you care about them. Thus, this is one of the primary steps to become charismatic. You should only speak whenever it is necessary for you.

Never practice selective hearing

Being a good listener doesn’t mean that you will listen to those who matter to you. Or you can say you will only listen to what you want to. This is selective hearing. Selective hearing is a skill that charismatic individuals should never develop. Instead, this quality conveys that you are incapable of hearing anything around you. Have you ever heard the saying that falling trees in the forest never make any sound? This is because; no one is there to hear it.

Similarly, if you hear what you want, you are not caring about other much. The people who are exceptionally charismatic in nature always listen closely to everyone. They listen to the problems of every person to help with the right words. 

Further, if you are in a good position in your life or are doing well, that doesn’t mean that you will only value the words of people who matter to you. This will never make you a charismatic person. Thus, ignore your social status, and listen closely to whatever is happening around you.

Always put all your stuff away

Keeping yourself busy with unnecessary stuff is also not a characteristic of a Charismatic person. Most people think that looking at the phone every few seconds makes them look more fabulous. However, this is not true. The people who don’t stay living in the moment when people are around them can never be charismatic. When you have people around you, you should always put away all your stuff. Whether it is a smartphone or any other distracting stuff, you must put it away. 

The best gift that you can give people around you to make them feel special is giving them your valuable attention. This will make them feel special and make you a charismatic person for them. Further, even if you are meeting some people for the first time in your life, you must offer them all your attention. They must want to be around you after seeing you for the first time. 

In short, charismatic persons prioritize everyone who is around them. They would never discriminate against people in terms of social status or position. If you want to be a charismatic individual, you should make sure that you are developing the quality of staying without your stuff that distracts you.

Be a giver; give before you receive 

If you want to stay more charismatic, you should ensure that you take up your hand whenever you are taking up for giving, not for receiving. This is one of the most significant qualities of charismatic persons. Before you expect something from someone, you should give them much. Instead, you should never expect to receive.

Charismatic people give all they can after knowing that they won’t receive it back. Similarly, if you want to be a charismatic individual, you should continually develop the quality of being a giver. However, in this selfish world, every individual only gives something when they expect something from you. But this would never make them charismatic. 

It would be best if you show everyone that the only person that matters to others is you. Just give others your best. Whether it is time, attention, care, love, or money, give before you receive. This is what will make you a charismatic person in life.

Never act self-important

You may find most of the people around you who get easily impressed by their own activities. This makes you a self-centered person. Self-important people can never be charismatic. Thus, if you want to be charismatic, you should never act on your activity. You may think that showing your skills, abilities, or even any quality will impress others. But it is actually not so. 

Have you ever noticed a tree without leaves? It stands straight to the ground. At the same time, when you see a tree full of leaves and fruits, you will never find it upright. Instead, its branches would be down pointing towards earth. This example has two meanings. When you know, you will never show it to anyone. However, when you don’t know, you will show off. The second meaning relates to this point. When you act self-important, you lack knowledge, and that will never make you a charismatic person. 

If you want to become charismatic, you should avoid acting self-important. This is the most vital quality of a charismatic person. Besides these five indispensable factors, there are some other ways to be charismatic as well. You should always shine the spotlights on others rather than on you. Further, it would help if you also choose your attitude and words. 

This is because; your attitude and words are going to make someone else’s day. This is why think before you say and say whenever it is necessary.


Winding up the article, these are the five most vital ways to be more charismatic. Now that you know the qualities, you should enhance them to light up the surrounding you are in. 

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