How to get rid of back pain

How to get rid of back pain

Are you experiencing severe back pain quite often? Well, back pain has become a common problem for many. While some people experience acute back pain, others have chronic back pain. The most common causes of back pain include bad sitting or standing posture and getting engaged in strenuous workout sessions. Moreover, sleeping in a lumpy mattress can also cause back pain due to the poor back support it offers. The hectic desk jobs have also become a prominent cause of back pain in recent times. Obesity and deficiency of essential nutrients are yet some other causes. 

Here are some of the effective ways that can help you get rid of back pain much easily. Let’s take a look.


Exercises are one of the best ways to get rid of your back pain at the comfort of your home. Some of the best exercises include low-impact cardio, stretching, and strength training. Doing the exercises daily for a minimum of two to three weeks can help reduce your back pain by about 45 percent. However, remember, when you start doing the exercises and stretching, start slow. Gradually advance and increase your time of exercising as per your convenience and comfort. In case, your pain increases instead of subsiding, make sure to discontinue the exercise. 

You can try out the exercises such as partial crunches that will strengthen your stomach and back muscles. Wall sits, and hamstring stretches can also be beneficial for lowering your back pain. If you are having chronic back pain, you can try strength training. However, in the case of sudden back pain, avoid getting involved in strength training as it can be straining for the ligaments and muscles of your back. Yoga postures that include stretching of your back and increases flexibility can also be beneficial.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Have you ever tried hot and cold therapy for your back pain? If not, you must try it once as it provides great results and helps in reducing back pain significantly. When you have back pain, try applying a cold pack or heating pad. You can also try alternating both therapies. It is beneficial as different people respond to different solutions. If your experience severe back pain, especially in the morning, try putting a heating pad on the affected area. This can help in increasing the blood flow to different parts of the body and reduce muscle pain as well as stiffness effectively.

Change your Sleeping and Sitting Postures

One of the most prominent and common causes of back pain is poor sleeping or sitting postures. Sleeping on bad mattresses that do not offer proper support to your back can cause back pain. Similarly, working for a very long time on a laptop or using smartphones continuously with hunched back can lead to back pain. In order to avoid such pain, make sure to correct your sleeping and sitting postures. Consider sleeping on medium-firm mattresses that can provide your spine and back with optimum comfort. While sleeping on your back, keep pillows under the knees to ensure proper support for your spine. Similarly, when sitting, make sure that your back gets full support. Avoid sitting on a chair’s edge. 


Getting massages is a really effective means of minimizing your back pain. It can help in increasing the blood flow in your back muscles and relax the stiff muscles. However, make sure to massage the affected area smoothly in order to prevent the situation from getting worse. Lavender oil is one of the best oil for back massage. You can use it thrice a day. Olive oil, castor oil, and peppermint oil are other effective oils that can be used for your massage. 


Back pain is a common problem for many. Exercising, getting a massage, availing of cold and hot therapy, and changing your body postures are some of the best ways of getting rid of back pain. However, if your back pain still does not reduces after trying these approaches, it is important to consult a doctor. The experts can help you find the most appropriate remedies. If you have any kind of queries, leave a comment below and share your concerns with us. 

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